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Deploy MSIs from TFS Team Build 2010 using these custom activities. This collection of activities include everything you need to deploy cilent apps to multiple PCs and windows services to Servers.

Creating a Team Deploy TFS Build

New Team Deploy 2010 for Team Build 2010 is released.

End to End Team Deploy Configuration Screencast by Ian Ceicys

Team Deplloy MSI! Install Team Deploy using the MSI for easy installation.
Team Deploy 2.x - Current release is designed for Team Foundation Server 2008
Team Deploy 2010 (3.x) - Current release designed for Team Foundation Server 2010

This project contains the following specialized custom MSBuild tasks for deploying MSIs and monitoring your build status.
  • New CleanupPsExec task - PsExec works great most of the time but can hang at times. This task cleans up PsExec. Contributed by Jeremy Novak.
  • Install task - installs an MSI on a target machine
  • Uninstall task - uninstalls MSI on a target machine by product code
  • KillProcess task - Kills any process on target machine (usually done before trying to uninstall/install MSI
  • Deploy task - This is the main task to be called from your TFS Team build type. This will loop through the deployment script and kill any processes necessary, uninstall the previous version, and install the new version. This now deploys in parallel for quicker deployments.
  • Start Service task - If deploying a windows service, call this to start the service.
  • Stop Service task - If deploying a windows service, call this to stop the service before uninstalling it.
  • Device Controller task - Use lava lamps or street lights to show the status of your builds.
  • Remote Execute task - Execute any executable on the target machines.

New Sample Automated Deployment Windows Service MSI Solution on on MSDN Code Gallery - Code and steps to create an automated deployment MSI to use with Team Deploy.

New Team Deploy now includes a command line utility that allows the deploy task to be called from other build tools. This was originally built so Team Deploy could be called from Final Builder from TFS. Here's more information on Final Builder with TFS.

All of these tasks require the installation of PSTools. These tasks utilize several utilities from this free toolset. This must be downloaded separately at this location below

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