Guidance for Team Deploy

Configuration Management goal is to deploy to all test environments with the same MSI that will be going to production. Additional guidance can be found in my post: TFS Deployments Part 1: The Deployment Process Should Enforce Good Configuration Management Practices


  • MSI to be created at beginning of development.
  • MSI is created as an Admin install
  • MSI contains a custom action to pass in the environment name in the command line that calls vbscript code to copy the appropriate config file(s) to the program folder.
  • Team Build type copies the compiled and referenced assemblies to the admin install MSI folder.
  • Team Deploy deploys the MSI to the test machines
  • TFS user needs to be local administrator on all target test machines.
  • TFS User needs to have “Account is trusted for delegation” checked.


  • MSI has been tested and has been deployed numerous times.
  • One MSI for all environments. Only the config files are different
  • From TFS any developer (or Team Explorer user) can start a build and deploy.

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